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Safety Rules & Regulations

Carrying out a large event on the water requires diligence on the part of every captain. All vessels should conform to the USCG regulations regarding equipment and personal flotation devices. The best proof of this is the display of the USCG Auxiliary Courtesy Examination Decal.

Parade Route

The parade will make two laps. It begins at Metropolitan Park, travels along the Northbank past The Jacksonville Landing and circles to the Southbank. The route continues along the Southbank, under the Main Street Bridge, past the Navy Memorial statue and down to the Duval County School Board Building.

Parade Rules

  • Vessels will be disqualified if they do not make TWO COMPLETE LAPS along the parade route. Absolutely no exceptions.
  • Vessels must be able to maintain a constant speed of 5 to 7 knots and have a working marine radio with channels 16 and 72.
  • Skippers should resist the temptation to overload their boats and should exercise control over their passengers to avoid injuries or casualties.
  • Portable generators should be kept above deck so fumes are discharged overboard.
  • Electrical circuits should be fused, and care taken not to overload extension cords.
  • NO open flames aboard the vessel.
  • Cords and connections must be suitable for atmospheric conditions and protected from water.
  • The Light Parade is limited to 100 vessels to assure adequate marine safety.
  • Participants not abiding by the rules and regulations will be disqualified and removed from the parade.
For questions about safety rules, contact Captain Jim Suber, City Dockmaster at (904) 630-0837 or


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