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Permits & Ordinance

Definition of a Special Event

A special event is a preplanned single gathering, event or series of related consecutive daily gatherings or events expected to draw 500 or more persons at any session as participants or spectators that is proposed to be held on public property. Events on private property shall be considered to be special events if 500 or more people participating in the event will occupy adjacent public streets or public property during the event.

Permitting Process

Since September 18, 2006, all permit applications for special events to be held on city property or affecting city property with 500 attendees or more will need to be permitted through the Office of Special Events.

A complete application packet should include the following:

  • Application and necessary forms
  • Site map or layout of event
  • Scope and description of event
  • Certificate of Insurance and acknowledgement of insurance requirements
  • Hold Harmless & Indemnification Statement
  • Street closure request (if applicable) and map of the proposed street closures with detours
  • Application fee - check payable to City of Jacksonville (cashier's check or money orders only)
Special Events Permit application (PDF)

Alcohol Location Exemption Application

Complete this form when Alcohol will be sold and or served a location that is not already approved to have alcohol under Ordinance Code 154.107

Download the Alochol Location Exemption Application

TULIP Program

Users of the program will be able to select a City of Jacksonville location, answer a few questions and purchase a oneā€time event policy for General Liability and, as applicable, Liquor Liability.

Tulip Program Information (PDF)
TULIP Web Site


Special Event Banner/Signs Application


Links & Contact

Special Events Permit application (PDF)

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